Claire Taubert

Armin Baier

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Claire Taubert, BSc, BBSc, BEd(Counselling), ClinMGANZ, MAPS, is a Co-founder and Managing Director of Gestalt Therapy Australia (GTA). She has been involved in the Gestalt community as a student, trainer, therapist, supervisor and member of the GANZ council for over 20 years. She was originally trained in Melbourne and San Diego and has furthered her interests in relational Gestalt with ongoing training with the Pacific Gestalt Institute (USA). Claire has a private practice in Melbourne and Ballarat where she works as a relationally orientated psychotherapist.

She also works as a consultant to various community and mental health organisations facilitating groups and providing coaching and support to managers.

Claire is interested by how early relational experience manifests as enduring character styles in adulthood. Her interest in developmental processes extends to the therapeutic process, how groups develop and function as a entity and the process of training therapists.

Address for Correspondence:
333 Heidelberg Road,
Northcote, Victoria, 3070 Australia
Email: gestalt therapy australia

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